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Soluble Humate

Type of Humisol Potassium humate Humic acid Fulvic acid Potassium Solubility
Granule 2-4 mm 75% 55% 8% 7% 70%
Powder 85% 65% 10% 10% 100%
  • Crop production soils are typically depleted of soil organic matter due to intensive farming operations over a number of seasons.
  • Humisol supplies stable humates to improve soil organic matter. Studies have shown than 30 T/ha manure or 15 T/ha compost is equivalent to 1 kg/ha of stable humate material applied.
  • This product is available as a granule for blending or a powder for fertigation.

HumisolTM SG

  • Humisol SG is a granule that is applied in NPK blends and hence low rates can be evenly distributed into the fertiliser zone.
  • Typical rates of application are 25 kilograms per hectare per year split into each NPK application.
  • Pack size is 25 kg bag.

HumisolTM SP

  • Humisol SP is a 100% soluble powder. When dissolved in water it can be applied through small micron irrigation emitters and through liquid ground application prior or at planting through conventional liquid applicators.
  • Typical rates of application are 2 kilograms per month during the cropping period after an initial application of 5 kilograms per hectare.
  • Pack size is 25 kg bag.

Key Influences of Organic Matter on Soil Properties

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