Raising Australian Agriculture with
High Performance Granular Soil Amendments

Our Products

Advantage Agriculture supplies innovative granulated soil amendment products to Australian farmers through our extensive distribution network. We offer ultra-fine particle lime, gypsum and dolomite in a convenient 3-5mm granule. The ultra fine particles (average 20 micron) in every granule deliver high reactivity and faster results that last. The increased surface area of ultra fine particles enables the products to be applied at greatly reduced rates.

Ultra fine
granular Lime

Ultra fine
granular Gypsum

Ultra fine
granular Dolomite

Ultra fine granular
Gypsum and Zinc

Ultra fine granular
Lime and Boron

Farmer Benefits

Advantage Agriculture is an Australian owned company with a streamlined, local team that is empowered to help customers by responding quickly to customer needs.

We provide innovative soil amendment products to meet the needs of Australian farmers across all crops and pastures.

Fast Reactivity

Apply Straight or Blended

Precision Application

Easy Application

Grower Application

Our granular products can be applied using the farmers own fertiliser equipment, which means optimal timing and convenience. Apply the products on their own or blend them with your fertiliser for a one pass application.

Precision Farming

The Advantage Agri granules are ideal for precision placement and variable rate applications for a targeted approach to ameliorating your soil.

Variety of crop types

Advantage Agri’s products are currently used in Australia across all soil and crop types. We recommend that growers talk to their agronomist or rural supplies store about using Advantage Agri products to improve soil health.

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