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Product Overview

Advantage Agri’s granular soil amendment products have ultra-fine, hard granules that make them ideal for grower application and for blending.

The product range includes:

Oz Cal
Ultra fine granular lime

Ultra fine granular dolomite

Ultra fine granular gypsum

Ultra fine granular gypsum and zinc compound

Soluble humate available as a granule or powder


Grower application

Our granular products can be applied using growers own fertiliser equipment, which means optimal timing and convenience. Application can be in a blend or as a straight.

Prescription blends

The granule size and hardness of our products make them ideal for blending with fertiliser. Advantage Agri have arrangements with a number of blending facilities that are available in all of our current locations.

Variety of crop types

Advantage Agri’s products are currently used in Australia across all crop types.  We recommend that growers talk to their agronomist or rural supplies store about using Advantage Agri products to improve soil health.

Finding the right solution

This handy table shows which products can help with a range of issues. These are general guidelines only.


Issue Ozcal OzcalMag Ozgyp Humisol OzgypZinc
Soil structure          
Organic carbon  
Soil health          
More More More More More



Application Ozcal OzcalMag Ozgyp Humisol OzgypZinc
Fertiliser blends          
More More More More More