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Oz Cal Mag

Oz Cal Mag

Ultra Fine Granular Dolomite

Appearance White round granule
Neutralising value 99%
Calcium content 20%
Magnesium content 11%
Particle size 95% less 45 micron (average 20)
Granulation sizing 3-5 mm
Common rates of application 200-500kg/hectare
Pack sizes 1.1 T bags, 25 kg bags
  • OzcalMagTM can be applied by growers with standard fertiliser application equipment as a straight or blended with fertiliser.
  • The ultra-fine particle size of OzcalMag results in high reactivity of the pure calcium and magnesium carbonate. Therefore, greatly reduced rates are applied compared to Dolomite.
  • This product provides efficient treatment for soil pH problems and where calcium / magnesium requirements exist.
  • Quick release upon contact with water for fast results.

The importance of neutralising value and particle size

Neutralising Value (NV) is an indicator of a Lime’s effectiveness in the soil at neutralising acid. Aglimes have a NV of 50% to 90%. OzcalMag has a NV of 99% indicating high purity.

The smaller the particle size the more reactive the Lime is in the soil and the quicker acidity is neutralised.

OzcalMag is a trademark of Advantage Agriculture Pty Ltd